Roaming Network Licenses

We’ve recently introduced a new feature to make using a network license much more flexible. Network licenses are great for sharing licenses amongst a large number of users. However, if you are not physically located in the same building (i.e. connected to the LAN) then it’s not straightforward. For example if you want peace and quiet to write that paper at home or you are at a conference. We aim to make life as easy for the user as possible and so we’ve just introduced a new option for such users.

Our new “roaming network license” works exactly the same as a network license until the user’s Mac can no longer connect to the License Server. Then it will switch to being a standard license for 21 days or until the user reconnects to the network. That means the user can work offsite with MacVector. The user must reconnect to the License Server before those 21 days have elapsed.

The advantages are:

– Any user can use the license for up to 21 days outside of the institute.

– the total number of users inside the institute remains the same regardless of how many users are “roaming” outside the institute.

– The process is transparent to the user and requires no configuration beyond the initial setup.

– To switch to the roaming license the user needs to simply restart MacVector when they are away from the network.

– There is no system reconfiguration needed other than activating the client with a new license code. The same as you do every year when renewing maintenance. Plus this can be pushed out to each Mac transparently to the user.

If you have an active 15 user network license, then contact us to exchange this for free. We will ask you if you want to do this when you next renew. If you have less users then for five users or more we will give you this for the price of a single extra seat. For example a ten user roaming license would be the same price as a 11 user non-roaming network license.

Contact if you want to activate this for your license.

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