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Competitive Upgrades

If you own a Macintosh coputer and are running discontinued (e.g. VectorNTI) or unsupported software (e.g. Sequencher on macOS Catalina) you can upgrade to MacVector or MacVector with Assembler at a discount, both actively developed and fully supported on current macOS releases.

Upgrade to MacVector at a 50% discount with proof of purchase of any major competitor's software (VectorNTI, LaserGene, Geneious, CLC Workbench etc). Request a quote for further details. (use code TRADEIN). Note that you can easily migrate any existing Vector NTI database sequence files to a suitable MacVector-compatible format.

Get a 50% discount on MacVector with Assembler with proof of purchase of Sequencher. (use code SEQUENCHER). You can use the same code to get 50% off the cost of adding Assembler to an existing up to date MacVector license.

New lab discount.

We also have a 30% 'new lab' discount for all labs or Biotech companies that have started up within the past six months and are using startup funds. To qualify you will need a letter (an email would suffice) from a suitably authorised person at your institute stating this. Use the promotional code of NEWLAB to request a quote.


You can request a quote for any of the promotions using our online form. Don't forget to add the promo code to get the discount!


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MacVector 18.6 Released!

This new release of MacVector allows direct optimization of CDS coding regions, automated phrap sub-assemblies and support for graphical appearance information in GenBank formatted sequence files. As usual, there a numerous minor and not-so minor workflow enhancements. Check if you are eligible for the new release and then download the full installer.

MacVector 18.5 Released!

Along with the usual collection of bug fixes and minor enhancements, MacVector 18.5 has a new heterozygote analysis and base-calling function to find and report mixed residues in Sanger sequencing files. Check if you are eligible for the new release and then download the full installer.

MacVector 18.2 Released!

MacVector 18.2 contains enhancements to the Align to Reference interface and algorithm, improvements to the display of context-sensitive menus and the ability to create Primer Database files from Excel data. You can read about the new functionality and check your eligibility. The full installer can be found on this page.

macOS 10.16 Big Sur

MacVector 17 and later are not only fully supported and compatible with Apple's latest OS release, macOS Big Sur, but also support Dark Mode and use the latest Apple signing and notarization procedures so you can be sure you are using an authentic copy. Earlier versions of MacVector can't do this. So why not upgrade?

What Has Changed Since My Version?

Check out this link for a list of the new features introduced in each version going all of the way back to MacVector 10.0.

MacVector Cloning Edition

There is a cost-effective version of MacVector available, targeted at users who want the power of MacVector's graphical annotation, clone construction and primer design tools, but without all of the bells and whistles of the full version. Click here for details of the Cloning Edition. Which edition is right for you? Here's a handy functional comparison chart.

MacVector Promotions

Check out our promotions page to see the latest deals on MacVector software

Check out our Getting Started Guide

There's a useful Getting Started Guide to help new users get going with MacVector.

MacVector Blog

We have a blog with contributions from a selection of MacVector, Inc staff discussing a variety of subjects from OS X through bioinformatics, to the challenges of running a small multi-national company.