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Most MacVector customers choose the perpetual license option as this enables you to run MacVector indefinitely. However, an increasing number of customers are choosing the annual licensing option as this approach is similar to the licensing recently adopted by companies such as Microsoft and Adobe where they charge an annual fee for their software.


A perpetual license allows the customer to use MacVector indefinitely. For the first year, the perpetual license also entitles the customer to download all updates to MacVector and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, the customer can choose to remain with the last version downloaded or to purchase a maintenance contract for 15% of the license price per year (multi-year discounts are available).

The primary advantage of a perpetual license is that you have the right to run the software in perpetuity. The disadvantage is that there is a much greater up-front cost.

It should be noted that Apple are constantly updating macOS and adopting new technologies (such as the recent Apple Silicon "M1" processors). While we at MacVector, Inc strive to be as forward compatible with the software as is possible, a perpetual license is applicable only to the versions of MacVector released at the time of purchase or during the subsequent 12 month support period.


An annual license will allow the customer to use the licensed software for one year, and entitle the customer to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, the software will no longer be fully functional unless a new license is purchased. However, MacVector will continue to run in "Free" mode which still allows you to open, edit, print and save files, so that you always have access to the data your created.

The advantage of an annual license is a much lower initial cost to purchase MacVector. The obvious disadvantage that the license must be renewed each year in order to keep using MacVector. However, if you have only intermittent need for MacVector e.g. for a project lasting just a few months, then this is a very cost-effective option.


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