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We've now made student licensing available. The price for an annual student license is $99 ($124 if you also want the add-on Assembler functionality) and for Post-Doc licenses is $250 ($300 with Assembler). These licenses of MacVector are subject to certain limitations but the functionality of the software is not restricted in any way other than being limited to a period of 12 months from purchase. After the 12 months have expired you will be able to purchase a new student/post-doc license. However, this will still be subject to the same criteria.


Please make the payment using the following Paypal button or directly contact MacVector sales if you prefer. Following payment you will be taken to a page that will summarise the extra pieces of information (as detailed above) that we need to create your student license. Following receipt of payment and these extra pieces of information you will be sent a license within 24 hours (longer during holidays and weekends).

Please note: If you pay via Paypal, but do not meet the criteria detailed above, your payment will be refunded less a transaction fee of $5.

Purchase License via Paypal


(1) You must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student at an accredited educational institution. You will need to provide a photocopy or scan of a valid current student ID from this institution.

(2) The license is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This period should not extend more than 6 months beyond the end of the valid period of your student ID.

(3) Your supervisor must email with a confirmation that you are indeed a student in their lab and with the title of your thesis or research project.

(4) The license must be paid for with a personal credit card or Paypal account. You cannot use an Institutional card or purchase order.


(1) The license is for your own personal use, and must not be used in a shared environment.

(2) The software may only be installed on hardware personally owned by the license holder and not by the Institute nor funded by a research grant (other than a student or post-doc grant specifically awarded to the individual). This will generally be limited to laptops, although we will be flexible in this situation.

(3) The license may be used for research carried out for the academic institution in pursuit of the course or for the personal research project It may not be used if the research is of a commercial nature.


The software will only be provided electronically for download. There will be no CDs or printed materials supplied (PDFs of all documentation, including the User Guide, are installed alongside MacVector). Before you receive the license you will need to supply us with information about your machine, including the Hardware Serial Number. You can find this by following these instructions:

1) Choose "About This Mac" from the blue Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen.

2) Click on the "More Info..." button.

3) That should bring up the "Hardware Overview" page of the System Profiler.

4) Drag select the contents of the right hand panel, select Copy from the Edit menu and paste into an e-mail.


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Purchasing MacVector

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MacVector has several different licensing options. Which one is right for you? We also offer both Perpetual and Annual licensing periods.

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You can pay a cost effective yearly fee to ensure you are always entitled to the latest version of MacVector and get priority technical support. More details here.

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If you have started a new lab and are purchasing MacVector with startup funds, you may be eligible to purchase MacVector at a significant discount. Email for more details.

Student/Post-Doc Licenses

Highly discounted yearly licenses are available for full-time students at accredited institutions.

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