Useful help resources for learning MacVector

MacVector is designed to be easy to use. However, there’s a great amount of functionality in there. So if you are new to using MacVector or you’ve recently upgraded from an older version then you might be interested to know that we have some downloadable resources to help you.

The first one, which we recommend all new users to read, is the short “Getting Started with MacVector 11” guide. This document is geared for those who already use MacVector and introduces you to the new functions and features from MacVector 9 onwards. It is still useful if you are not very familiar with any version of MacVector.

Down toward the bottom of the page you will also find some tutorials on specific tasks. For example here’s a great one on Auto Annotation.

We also have some short screencasts available on this page of our website:

You can also visit the MacVector forums where we welcome discussion. There’s some useful tips on there, and news of any updates we release:

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to be kept updated on all MacVector news or follow us on Twitter.

Finally there’s a full PDF copy of our manual


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