MacVector 13.0.1 released.

We’ve just released a minor update, MacVector 13.0.1. This release has a few minor bug fixes that have been reported in the past month.

However, this release also sees the introduction of online updating via Sparkle. This allows you to update your copy of MacVector in place. Once a day MacVector will check our website and alert you of any updates. Optionally it will also download and install the update for you.

So at some point over the next 48 hours you will see a dialog similar to this screenshot.

Software Update

Just click on Install Update and … well that’s it. You do not need to do anything else. Sparkle really makes the pain of downloading and updating software go away. Apart from having to click that Install Update button it’s fully automatic. It also allows you to skip a version or install it at a later date. It will not pester you to upgrade.

You can still download the traditional installer if you prefer.

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