Selecting sequence residues in the Map tab

The Map tab is very flexible and allows you to do almost all of the sequence manipulations you might need, without switching tabs. In addition to selecting segments of a sequence by clicking on Restriction Enzyme sites or Features, you can also directly select sequence even when the residues are not visible and represented by the sequence line. Prior to MacVector 14, you had to click on the Sequence Selection mode button in the floating graphics palette to achieve this.

Now you can select the sequence directly even in the default “zoom” mode. Just carefully position the cursor over the sequence, click and drag to select the region you are interested in. This is easiest to do when the Map tab is zoomed to the residue level, but with care you can do it at all zoom levels.


The main advantage of this functionality is that you never really need to switch to the Editor tab unless you actually need to type residues. Between selecting Features, Restriction Sites or the sequence itself, you can prepare the sequence for manipulation by copying or pasting, or selecting a region to apply an analysis or create a new feature.

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