Working from home with MacVector during the COVID-19 pandemic

A lot of MacVector users are now at home getting used to a new way of working. The MacVector team are distributed throughout the US and Europe and we are used to remote working. However, for those new to working from home, it’s a LOT different to working back in the lab with your colleagues!

(See how we’ve been making the most of the lockdown to use existing sequencing archives to assemble a new Pangolin SARS-CoV-2 genome.)

We want to help make it easier to use MacVector:

  • If you currently use a network license and are struggling to access this from home, then email MacVector Support. We can help you in various ways.
  • If you normally use a Mac desktop in the lab, then we can give you a temporary license to activate on any home Mac you might have.
  • Even if you use an old license of MacVector, then we will give you a temporary license of MacVector 17.5.
  • If you use a Standard license, then you can already activate that on any home Mac. However, if you have forgotten your license activation details then email MacVector Support for a reminder.
  • Finally if you are in anyway connected with COVID19 research, then please have our thanks, and have an academic annual license free of charge.

    Our thoughts are with all those affected by COVID–19, be it directly or indirectly. Our particular thoughts are with those on the front line, from health care workers to those researchers working so hard on behalf of all humanity to find a vaccine and a treatment.

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