MacVector 18.2 is out! …and ready for macOS Monterey

MacVector 18.2


We are very pleased to announce that MacVector 18.2 is available to download. MacVector 18.2 is a Universal Binary that runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs. It is fully supported on macOS Sierra (10.12) to macOS Monterey (12).

MV18 2 Monterey

New features:

Align to Reference Enhancements

  • The Align to Reference alignment algorithm has been overhauled to do a much better job handling larger numbers of gaps in the alignment between a reference sequence and a read.
  • The alignment algorithm has been further optimized for speed. In addition, the Sensitivity setting can now be lower due to the enhanced consecutive gap detection, which also speeds up calculations.
  • When aligning ABI chromatogram data, or plain sequences, the Map tab now graphically displays the “trimmed” regions at either end of the sequences.

MV18 2TrimmingEnds

  • There is a new Remove Gaps context-sensitive (right-click) menu option that deletes residues in reads that correspond to a gap in the consensus sequence.

MV18 2 CloseGaps

Context Sensitive Hamburger Menus

Where a window has a context-sensitive menus available these views now contain a “hamburger” button (three parallel horizontal lines) that displays the same context sensitive menu when clicked on.

Importing of Primer Databases in TSV or CSV Format

You can import primer data into a MacVector Primer Database (.nsub) file from an Excel or CSV formatted file. This functionality replaces the old Primer Converter utility.

CDC primers

Miscellaneous Enhancements

To reduce clutter in the Assembly Project window toolbar, all of the assembly algorithms have been consolidated into a single Assemble toolbar button with a dropdown menu.

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How to update to MacVector 18.2.

If you have an active license, then you will be prompted to automatically update within the next few days.
You can also download the installer and do it manually now.

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