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The following videos show more features of MacVector (Note: if you experience jerky playback, click pause and wait until the video downloads fully before playback).

cDNA Alignments and Splice Site Identification

MacVector allows you to align cDNA clones against a corresponding genomic sequence and automatically identify the introns and exons. Actual splice sites at ambiguous junctions are determined using the standard GT..AG intron rule. Once identified you can quickly save each intron or exon as a feature on the parental sequence.


Auto Annotation

Auto Annotation allows you to quickly annotate a plain unannotated sequence, or to modify downloaded sequences to match the carefully curated graphical appearance of your favorite genes. Auto annotation solves both of these common problems by allowing you to scan a sequence against a folder containing a collection of existing annotated sequences and MacVector will find the matchingfeatures in the folder and add those to the starting sequence.