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Annual Subscription Licenses

If you don't have the money to purchase a perpetual license, or if you just need MacVector for a short project, the most cost-effective solution is to purchase an annual subscription license. These are 12 month licenses that include all MacVector functionality, including all of the complete functionality of the Assembler module. If you choose not to renew the subscription after it expires, MacVector will drop into FREE mode, which still has a lot of useful functionality. You can subsequently purchase another 12 month subscription to reactivate full functionality when you have a need.

Annual subscription licenses are available as either Personal licenses or as Standard liceses.

Personal licenses are always locked to individual machines. However, you can always, within reason, request to have the license moved to a different machine at any time while the subscription is current. If you have a need for multiple licenses, we do apply a discounting system that can make purchasing licenses for many machines remarkably affordable.

Standard licenses can be installed on as many machines as you want with the restriction that only one license can be in use on a local network at one time. However, you can install on home machines or use when travelling at a conference (or even on a plane) without affecting the use of the license "back in the lab".

A cost comparison of personal licenses versus our other license types can be found on our locale-specific pricing page.

Customers in Japan should contact CeresBio for local pricing, and customers in South East Asia should cointact VtR Incorporated.

If you'd like an official quote for annual subscription licenses, please use our online quote form.


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Purchasing MacVector

What Type of License?

MacVector has several different licensing options. Which one is right for you? We also offer both Perpetual and Annual licensing periods.

Get a Quote

Use this online form to get a formal quote.

What is Maintenance?

You can pay a cost effective yearly fee to ensure you are always entitled to the latest version of MacVector and get priority technical support. More details here.

New Lab Discount

If you have started a new lab and are purchasing MacVector with startup funds, you may be eligible to purchase MacVector at a significant discount. Email for more details.

Student/Post-Doc Licenses

Highly discounted yearly licenses are available for full-time students at accredited institutions.

Order Form

Download an Order Form to buy MacVector using a Purchase Order or Credit Card.