Post-survey feedback!

We’ve just finished going through the survey results.  We’re very pleased with the amount and quality of feedback that you gave us.  There’s some excellent ideas in there, that you’ll start seeing with the next release (MacVector 12 is out later this year).  So once again thanks a lot to all who spent time to submit the survey. Of course as well as all of you receiving our gratitude one of you, Dr. Timothy Holton at the University of Queensland, will receive an iPad. We hope he likes it! We like ours.

Over the past few releases we have really tried to make MacVector easier to use (designing primers in as little as three mouse clicks, checking a sequenced construct in four, etc.),there were quite a few feature requests for functions that MacVector already does.  So it seems that we still have some work to do to make these functions easier to use! In the meantime the next few blog posts will address these points and show a few short tutorials.  The first will be on how easy it is to create publication quality graphics from MacVector.

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