MacVector 12.7 preview release

Our next release is MacVector 12.7 and it will be out very soon. However, if don’t want to wait then you can download a preview before the real release in November.

Fig9 pDEST R3R4

MacVector 12.7 has a new Cloning Clipboard tool that dramatically simplifies the creation of new DNA constructs. The new functionality not only lets you join molecules together using an intuitive drag and drop interface, but also lets you easily accomplish cloning constructs that were difficult with earlier versions of MacVector. This tool is great for designing and documenting all your subcloning from simple digests to complex multi fragment procedures such as Multisite Gateway.

There’s also been some significant performance enhancements to the Dot Plot (DNA Matrix) analyses and to the Align To Reference analyses, allowing you to now run pairwise alignments of whole genomes in just a few minutes or to align hundreds of thousands of NGS Reads against a reference genome in an hour or so

Due to the requirement for signed applications on Lion and Mountain Lion since Apple introduced Gatekeeper there are two installers.

Download MacVector 12.7 Installer for Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6)

Download MacVector 12.7 Installer for Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8)

MacVector 12.7 will be released during November, 2012

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