Buy two copies of MacVector 14 for the price of one.

For the month of October if you buy a personal or standard license of MacVector Pro then you’ll get one free!

We never stop working to keep MacVector your best solution for designing primers, subcloning into vectors, aligning your sequences and checking small sequencing projects on the Mac. So don’t miss this chance to start using the best sequence analysis application for the Mac, and with two copies for the price of one, you can let your colleagues start using it too.

If your lab has two Macs, then purchase two personal licenses at 50% of the cost! That’s a license per Mac at a very good price. If you have more than two Macs, then you can purchase two standard licenses for the price of one instead. You’ll be able to install the two standard licenses on all the Macs in your lab and also at home or on your laptop when you are away at a conference.

Request a quote now using the promotional code AGAROSE-GEL

Don’t forget that these are perpetual licenses and include a year of updates too!

If you take advantage of this offer then you’ll receive MacVector 14. This is the current release and is a 64 bit application that’s fully supported on all 64 bit Macs running OS X Snow Leopard to OS X El Capitan. It’s also got useful new tools as well such as the Primer database. However, because you get a year of updates included it means that you will get MacVector 14.5 when it is released later this year. Normally we wouldn’t mention a upcoming release before it’s out, but we are very excited about MacVector 14.5 because of the new Agarose Gel tool. You will be able to view simulated gels right in MacVector that are so realistic that you’ll wonder “Is it real or is it MacVector?”.

Gel and Cloning Clipboard

We’ve worked hard to bring you MacVector 14 and we really hope that you’ll take advantage of this offer. If you are not convinced then download the trial now. However, do not forget that this attractive offer will only be valid until the end of October. These prices are for purchasing academic standard and personal licenses of MacVector Pro. Please ask for a quote for cloning, network, commercial or Assembler licenses. You’ll get an equivalent discount.

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