Troubleshooting problems with MacVector

MacVector generally just works. However, it’s a very rare piece of software that does not have occasional technical faults. Every now and again we do get reports to MacVector Support about such technical issues. Whenever we come across such issues we document them and also try to fix it so they never happen again in one of our regular minor updates.

One of the most common support calls we get is from users with old versions of MacVector trying to install on a new Mac they’ve just got. “I get a -5000 error when I try to activate my license” or “I’m getting an error that the license cannot be saved, unable to write license to disk”. It’s an easy fix, but upgrading works too as the problem was solved quite a few versions back. .…and there’s many, many new tools and features in the last few versions! If you think you are entitled to a newer version than the one you have installed, then email MacVector Support and ask what version your license is valid for.


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