Upgrade to the most feature packed version of MacVector yet and install on multiple Macs with a 50% discount.

Personal licenses are ideal for using on a single Mac, but not if you have multiple Macs or want to install on a shared lab computer as well as your personal Mac. So why not upgrade to a standard license of MacVector Pro 17 that you can share among a group of users in the same research group?

What’s even more flexible is if you take your laptop home, or away on travel to a conference, then you can work on MacVector and the license back in the lab will still work!

During August we have a 50% discount on either exchanging a current personal license to a standard license, or upgrading an older personal license to a standard one of MacVector 17.

MacVector 17 is one of the most feature-packed updates that we have ever released. Highlights include an interactive Restriction Enzyme Picker, a unique genome comparison tool and a tool to help you design and document Gibson Assembly and LIC workflows. MacVector 17 has support for Dark Mode, helps identify genome sequencing errors, automatically displays primer binding sites, maps multiple sequencing datasets against a single reference and has numerous performance improvements.

How to upgrade a personal license to a standard license.

Personal Licenses are locked to a single Mac. They are best suited to a single person using MacVector.

Standard licenses may be installed on ALL Macs in a lab with one concurrent user. Standard licenses use Bonjour to check if the serial number is in use. If there is no network they just work.

To upgrade request a quote or email for more information.

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