Sequence Analysis Tools for Molecular Biologists

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Tutorials and Documentation

Quickstart Guide

Uswe this document if you are a brand new MacVector user and want to know how to get started with basic MacVector functions like opening files, retrieving sequences from online services and performing basic sequence analyses and constructions.

Quickstart Guide

Workshop Manual

MacVector staff frequently visit customer sites to present workshops. These typically consist of working through some of the most popular tutorials (see below) along with a general overview of functionality as documented in the Getting Started Workshop Manual


When MacVector is installed on a computer, a collection of tutorials is placed into the /Applications/MacVector/Documentation/ folder. You can download the latest versions of these through the links below.

What's New in MacVector (v16 and v17)

Creating Vector Maps

Clone Construction

Automatic Sequence Annotation

Primer Design

Align To Reference - Sequence Confirmation

Gateway and Topo Cloning

Basic Contig Assembly

Next Generation Sequencing Reference Alignments

RNASeq Expression Analysis

RNASeq Human Transcriptome Analysis Tutorial and you'll also need to download the sample data set.

Transposon Insertion Analysis Tutorial and you'll also need to download the sample data set.

User Guide

With the advent of online help and a proliferation of topic-specific tutorials as described above, there has been minimal demand for an update to the printed MacVector User Guide. However, for completion, here is a PDF of the latest User Guide

Data Sheets

These are simple double-sided handouts that we typically distribute at trade shows summarizing the functionality of MacVector and Assembler.


Quickstart Guide

MacVector Workshop Manual


MacVector User Guide

Data Sheets