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MacVector 11.1.2 Bug Fixes and Changes

Translations now correctly honor the genetic code shown in that dialog rather than the global genetic code.

You can now suppress the automatic re-ordering of reads in the Align to Reference window by holding down the <option> key when clicking on the OK button in the align dialog.

Trace files now print correctly.

BLAST matches to the complementary strand are now correctly numbered in the alignment text output window.

Restored the ability to read GeneWorks files.

Fixed an occasional crashing bus in the graphics display when editing a feature when the corresponding automatic Restriction Enzyme file was also open.

A bug where switching between Advanced tabs in the Primer3 dialog and editing one of the numeric fields would cause a crash has been fixed.

The annotated sequence text output now strips “/note=” from the front of any feature description text. This means that only the actual text you type into the Feature Editor Free-Form tab will now be displayed as the label for the feature.

MacVector can now open files saved from previous versions that had truncated LOCUS lines.

The ability to use non-ASCII Mac-Roman characters (e.g. ∆, ® and ©) in Feature descriptions has been restored.

Printing annotated sequences from the Editor tab now displays the correct translations.

Cross_match now takes quality values into account when evaluating the most likely insert segment in a Read.


MacVector 11.1.1 Bug Fixes and Changes

The Align to Folder and Auto Annotation functions now have an extra checkbox to control recursive searching into enclosed folders.

Align to Folder now automatically reduces the minimum score when searching with very short sequences to prevent a blocking dialog from displaying.

A number of rare crashing bugs in the Align to Folder function have been fixed.

A crash saving sequences using the Sequin Table format has been fixed.

Residues are now always converted to upper case when importing FastA formatted sequences as a Multiple Sequence Alignment.

Some problems where the proofreader would refuse to play have been fixed.

Occasional issues with the last used feature type not “sticking” have been resolved.

The MacVector specific print options now appear with previously saved print Presets.

Text windows using Courier font now wrap correctly when printed.

The ability to search for text in the multiple sequence alignment text windows has been restored.

The Restriction Enzyme files have been updated to REBase003 (March, 2010).

Subsequences generated from the JASPAR_CORE 2009, All_Species redundant set of profiles have been included. From the Jaspar website: "The JASPAR CORE database contains a curated, non-redundant set of profiles, derived from published collections of experimentally defined transcription factor binding sites for eukaryotes. The prime difference to similar resources (TRANSFAC, etc) consist of the open data access, non-redundancy and quality.”


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