Here at MacVector we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. Here’s a few comments from MacVector users:

MacVector is a very stable, hastle-free software that
does not crash even when loaded with multiple large sequence data.
I design PCR primers and align amplicon sequences for evaluation
of CRISPR/Cas9-engineered genomic DNA. MacVector generates
high-grade pictures that can be directly used for scientific
manuscripts or grant applications.

Toshi Shioda
Massachusetts General Hospital

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to an awesome team!
I appreciate the encouraging messages to get full use of 
MacVector software.  After several years of manually searching
the lab primer spreadsheet, I have FINALLY converted into a
MacVector database and am sooooo glad I did!

What a great tool to make lab chores easier! I have also used
the agarose gel function lately in troubleshooting some cloning
issues—I only learned about this function at our recent
MacVector workshop.  Thank you to Kevin Kendall and Rosemary
Maratta for an informative but brief session in February!

Ann Lindley Gill
University of Rochester Medical Center

Yes, we’ll be renewing. MacVector is so reliable and
trouble free, that you have no problem convincing me whilst we
still have money.

The active development is very encouraging.

Andrew Plested
Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie

I will tell you that I was very pleased with what I used the program
for… aligning contigs derived from nextgen sequencing against a reference
sequence from a related organism. The program was fast, accurate and
I am impressed.

John Armstrong
Okanagan Specialty Fruits

MacVector provides a sleek, user-friendly platform for my research
needs, which range from the basics of sequence alignment, assembly, and
annotation to more advanced tools such as databasing and integrated BLAST
searches. As a graduate researcher in the field of synthetic biology,
MacVector is the convenient and affordable "dry lab" solution to the
computational demands that form part of my "wet lab" research. Beyond the
utility and affordability of their product, this company continues to
provide the best customer service I've ever experienced.

Andre C. Maranhao
Doctoral Candidate
The University of Texas at Austin

I first got to use MacVector when I was a grad student, and I
very much liked the program. While a postdoc, I had to adjust to another
commercial program, but it just did not offer the intuitive ease of use.
Now in my own lab, I'm happy to be with MacVector again for a bunch of

- intuitive use and great UI
- program stability and integration with web resources
- primer design from cloning to sequencing
- molecular cloning made easy (the new cloning clipboard is great!)
- the alignment functionality is fantastic, especially when it comes to
- the seamless integration of sequence data with graphic interpretations
and feature information.

We tried to get away with open-source solutions for a bit, but this was
most definitely money very well-spent.

Robert Zinzen, Max Delbrüch Center, Berlin

Our lab uses MacVector for all of our molecular biology needs -
primer design, subcloning, restriction digest analysis, nucleic acid/protein
alignment, etc. - and it is the BEST. The tutorials are all you need to
get started. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!

Charity, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria

MacVector is an essential tool for all of our laboratory cloning.
From organizing our plasmids to complicated restriction enzyme digests,
MacVector is a powerful and user-friendly tool that I have used for more
than a decade.

David Sykes,
Massachusetts General Hospital,

It is really nice to have you guys respond so quickly and well to feedback.
When I looked around for DNA analysis software a few months ago I settled
on MacVector partly for the features it had, but also for a more nebulous
feeling that the MacVector developers seemed to be more “on the ball” than
even the bigger companies. I’m very happy with my decision!

Esteban Toro,
UC Berkeley,

I have used and depended on MacVector for many years, as the tool for rapid
gene and (mitochondrial) genome annotations. The suite of intuitive and
beguilingly simple tools is well integrated to provide a one-stop for many
tasks. We save time and money in primer design and planning lab work. There
isn’t a day that goes by without MacVector being fired up to make sense of
our data or published data gleaned from GenBank. Most importantly, the
MacVector team like to keep ahead of developments and have always been keen
to integrate suggestions for new and emerging tools.
Great product – great support!
Best wishes to you and all at MacVector!

Tim Littlewood,
The Natural History Museum,

Thanks for reaching out to me. I just started using MacVector,
and there was a little bit of a learning curve, but after figuring out
some of the tricks it’s an absolutely fantastic product for the oligo
and plasmid designs I’ve been working on.  I’ve been showing it off to
my classmates and lab colleagues, so hats off to the great work you
all do!

Wei-Che Ko
University of Massachusetts Medical School

"Thank you for your assistance with my license renewal this morning.  The
update was effortless, quickly confirmed, and I am now set for another year.
I utilize MacVector tools in my postdoctoral research to organize nucleic acid
and amino acid sequence data, to generate ClustalW alignments of genes and
proteins, and for primer design and more.  The quick link interface is optimal
for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
Overall, I am very pleased with the MacVector program!"

Michael J Boyle,
Smithsonian Marine Station,

“I am very happy with the MacVector software as well as the technical and
customer support. The software is intuitive yet has a wide range of simple
to more complex capabilities. I especially appreciate the map function for
conceptual as well as presentation purposes. The technical support and
customer service representatives have been prompt, helpful and thorough.
They are, potentially, the best part of the MacVector software package.”

Center of Comparative Medicine,

Thank you for your detailed response. Problem fixed, and I just learned a
lot of useful stuff about MacVector I didn’t know. Your email is the best
Support response I have ever received from a Software provider by a
country mile!

Chris Jolly,
Centenary Institute,

"I am particularly happy with the way that MacVector allows us to manipulate
both DNA and protein sequences. The alignment tools are quite easy to use
and will export to any number of other applications. With the addition of
chromatogram alignment features, MacVector is the only program we need
to use for sequence analysis.

Elena M. Kramer,
Harvard University,