Displaying CDS features as translations in the Map tab.

MacVector uses CDS features extensively in many areas. If you know the coding region, then it’s very useful to have that annotated to your sequence. For example you can display a CDS feature as its translation directly under the sequence in the Editor tab. You can also display the translation of a feature in the Map tab, instead of a graphical symbol, when there is sufficient space (for example when zoomed to residue). By default this is enabled for certain features, e.g. CDS features, genes, but it is controlled from the Symbol Editor and can be turned on/off for most features.

  • In the Map tab, double click on a feature to edit it.
  • Change the dropdown menu to Show as Graphic to disable this.
  • Select Show Residue Letters if Room to enable it.
  • For example, if this is enabled for a CDS feature when zoomed to residue the amino acid will be shown.


    See this and this blog post for more details.

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