What can MacVector do for my lab?

MacVector 18.2 is the latest release of the best sequence analysis application for the Mac. MacVector 18.2 is a Universal Binary application and will run natively on both Apple Silicon M1 Macs and Intel Macs.

We think there is no better tool for designing primers, preparing beautiful plasmid maps, comparing sequences, CRISPR INDEL analysis, Gibson Assembly, LIC and restriction enzyme cloning workflows, comparing genomes, sequence assembly and much more on the Mac.

MacVector 18.2 is fully supported on macOS Sierra to macOS Monterey.


Comparing sequences


CRISPR Indel Analysis: following CRISPR editing of a target.

Compare Genomes: to identify identical, similar and weakly similar features.


BLAST and Entrez: Directly submit your sequence to a BLAST search or complex searches of Entrez. Retrieve fully annotated hits to your desktop. 

Align to Reference: Map mRNA, cDNA or EST sequences against a genomic template.

Outline shared aligned domains: Multiple sequence alignments display shared domains.


Sequence Assembly

de novo sequence assembly using Phrap, Velvet and SPAdes and Flye for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore reads.

Reference Sequence Assembly using Bowtie.

RNA-Seq analysis Read depth visualization with per gene coverage data (RPKM & TPM).

Circularize genomes: toolkit for finishing assemblies and circularizing bacterial ones.

Sequence confirmation: quickly verify sequenced constructs.

Coverage Tab: compare multiple assemblies with expression level comparison.


Design Cloning workflows

As simple as dragging a fragment to a cloning vector.

Cloning history Every step is documented.

Cloning Clipboard Store all digested fragments.

Simulated Agarose Gel: identify restriction sites to screen minipreps.

Restriction Enzyme Picker: easy identification of useful enzyme cut sites.

Gateway/TOPO cloning: design and document cloning workflows.

Gibson/Ligase-Independent Assemblies: project based design of workflows.


Primer Design

QuickTest Primer changes primer design. Hairpin? Nudge your primer until it goes.

Add tails to your primers with silent restriction sites/mismatches and view reading frame changes.

Quickly design pairs of primers click a region to get the best primer pairs to amplify it.

Scan For… Missing Primers: automatically display binding sites from your lab’s primer collection

Sequence annotation

Easily create beautiful plasmid maps

Automatically annotate missing common features, primer binding sites CRISPR PAM sites and putative ORFs.

InterProScan: Scan proteins for functional domains.