Working from home and Roaming Network licenses

The pandemic brought a sudden change to usual working routines and it is probable that home working will remain part of the working week for some time to come. Most scientific research needs physical lab time, but that’s just “pipetting”! The real science also happens when you think.. and that can be done easily at home (once you have know how to ignore the varied distractions of working from home!).

The MacVector Network license is a cost-effective licensing solution for large groups that uses Sassafras KeyServer to monitor and control MacVector usage across a local network. One disadvantage is that users must be able to connect to the central license server in order to use MacVector, requiring a VPN connection when working from home and precluding the use of MacVector in the absence of an internet connection.

A few years ago we introduced our Roaming Network License to overcome these limitations. When MacVector is unable to contact the KeyServer, the Roaming license allows MacVector to run with complete functionality for a period of up to three weeks. This means that users generally do not need to have a VPN connection to access MacVector from home and can even use MacVector in the complete absence of an internet connection.

Throughout the pandemic we have been trying to help users work remotely from home with free temporary licenses provided to IT departments. We have also converted many sites with larger network licenses, at zero cost, to roaming network licenses. We have now decided to extend this to all sites with a three or more user network license.

Over the next few weeks you will be contacted with a new License Activation Details for your current license.

We do hope that this helps your users have access to MacVector from home. Please contact MacVector Support for questions about the change or indeed about any other questions you may have.

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