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The 40th anniversary of the Mac!

So it is forty years since Steve Jobs walked onto the stage and announced the Mac! MacVector did not come about until six years later as MacVector 1.0 was released in March 1990! But we are still proud that MacVector has now been running on the Mac for over thirty years. Especially that MacVector 18.6 […]

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MacVector and macOS Sonoma

Apple released macOS Sonoma yesterday (Tuesday 26th Sept 2023). As usual in the run up to a new macOS release, we have been testing MacVector on development builds of macOS Sonoma. Unfortunately, at a late stage we found an undocumented change that affects a few tools in MacVector. MacVector uses a number of third party […]

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Automatic Assembly of Sub-projects with Phrap (Sub-Assemblies)

New to MacVector 18.6 is the ability to sort and assemble reads from different datasets into individual sub-projects. This functionality is located in the phrap parameters dialog. When enabled and configured appropriately for your dataset it will automatically break out the input reads into sub-projects to be assembled separately. A simple pattern-matching text box lets […]

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One click Codon Optimization of CDS Features

Our latest release, MacVector 18.6 has a new tool that will directly optimize codon usage of CDS features for enhanced expression in a different organism. The new tool pulls together multiple tools into a one step procedure which can be run by selecting a CDS feature in your nucleic acid sequence and running Analyze | […]

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MacVector 18.5.1

We’ve just released a minor update, MacVector 18.5.1. Changes include: Further enhancements for importing Sequencher projects (.spf) including heavily edited assemblies. A new setting for always opening MacVector in “light” mode even when macOS switches to “dark” mode. Easier remote activation of standard licenses for larger sites. increased number of seats for serverless network licenses. […]

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MacVector 18.5 has just been released and is macOS Ventura ready!

It’s that time of year again. Apple have released macOS Ventura and we are very pleased to announce MacVector 18.5 is out. MacVector 18.5 is fully macOS Ventura ready! macOS Ventura ready MacVector 18.5 was developed and tested on macOS Ventura. It is supported on macOS High Sierra to macOS Ventura. MacVector 18.5 is a […]

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MacVector’s Primer Database – Importing primers from Excel

Many molecular biologists keep lists of their primer sequences in Excel or some other spreadsheet tool. Previously MacVector had a separate utility that allows you to import primers kept in spreadsheet format into a Primer Database for direct use within MacVector. With the release of MacVector 18.2 we have integrated this functionality within MacVector. Rather […]

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MacVector 18.1 and the new InterProScan functional domain analysis tool

MacVector allows you to do functional domain analysis on your protein sequence using the InterProScan service. InterPro contains multiple databases of protein families, domains and motifs and InterProScan will submit a protein sequence to a search of these databases. It will also do extra analysis such as transmembrane region analysis using TMHMM and other tools.MacVector […]

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MacVectorTip: Viewing genotype changes in Align to Reference assemblies

The latest releases of MacVector, MacVector 18.0.1 (Intel) and MacVector 18.1.1 (Intel and Apple Silicon) have some tweaks to the output of the SNPs tab in the Align to Reference assembly window. The genotypes of any SNP changes now follow a consistent standard, and short deletions are also reported. If the region containing the nucleotide […]

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MacVector on Apple Silicon: benchmarks

MacVector 18.1 has just been released. MacVector 18.1 is a Universal Binary application, which means it runs natively on both Apple Silicon M1 Macs and Intel Macs. MacVector 18.1 also has graphical changes for a more authentic Big Sur look and feel. …and for the first time in many, many years the MacVector icon has […]

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