MacVectorTip: Understanding Color Groups

You can align hundreds, or even thousands of protein sequences within MacVector using three different alignment algorithms – ClustalW, MUSCLE or T-Coffee. Once aligned, you may be familiar with the colorful display in the Editor tab. But there’s more to this than pretty colors. The default Color Group in MacVector is one called “Chemical Type”. […]

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Know Your Alignments

We often get asked “how do I do an alignment” using MacVector? Well, the answer to that is always “it depends”, and it depends on what you want to learn about your sequence(s). Here’s a quick summary of the different types of alignments and what you would use them for: Multiple Sequence Alignment (File | […]

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MacVector 12.5: Creating alignments with T-Coffee and Muscle

With MacVector 12.5 we’ve added additional multiple sequence alignment (MSA) algorithms. Muscle and T-coffee have been added to the Multiple Sequence Alignment editor complementing the existing ClustalW algorithm. We’ve wanted both of these for a while now and judging from the results of last year’s survey so have many users. Both T-Coffee and Muscle are […]

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