Changes to isoelectric point calculation in MacVector

We have a policy of constant improvement in all areas of MacVector, even with algorithms and analyses that have been the same for many years. Recently we changed the way that the isoelectric point of a protein was calculated. The previous version of the algorithm was accurate for short proteins, however for longer amino acid […]

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Roaming Network Licenses

We’ve recently introduced a new feature to make using a network license much more flexible. Network licenses are great for sharing licenses amongst a large number of users. However, if you are not physically located in the same building (i.e. connected to the LAN) then it’s not straightforward. For example if you want peace and […]

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ASM 2011 in New Orleans

The ASM2011 was a great show. We had a busy booth with some old friends and some new faces. We learnt more about what users need and some of that feedback has already gone into our next release, MacVector 12.5, that will be out towards the end of the Summer. We had fun outside the […]

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