Troubleshooting: Resetting MacVector’s preferences

  • EDIT: December 7, 2018 Updated for macOS Mojave
  • EDIT: August 26, 2014 The script now works for all versions of OS X. For versions before Mavericks the old preferences files are moved to the Desktop rather than being deleted.

MacVector generally just works. However, even the most well behaved of applications sometime have problems. If you have restarted the application and restarted your Mac then a good troubleshooting step to perform next is to reset your preferences.

For Mountain Lion and earlier deleting the preferences meant opening up Finder, navigating to your ~/Library folder and deleting a few files. However, with Mavericks it’s easier and with Applescript it’s even easier than that!

Download Reset Prefs script

It goes without saying to only run this if you are having problems or on the direction of Support. There is no UNDO!

You may need to activate your license again or open up the license preferences and choose your current license. So have your details at hand.

Another reason to do this is if you have not reset your preferences for many years or clicked defaults in all the tools, it’s possible that you are not using the optimum settings for a tool. Where possible MacVector does try to preserve preferences even when upgrading from very old version to the latest. With every release we do tweak the settings to achieve the optimum results.

Running from the command line

If you are comfortable running commands from the command line then you can run the following command on all macOS versions after Mavericks. Note that this immediately and irreversibly deletes your MacVector Preferences.

defaults delete com.macvector.MacVector

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