MacVector 12.5: Get Assembler for half price!

Our latest version, MacVector 12.5, will be released on the 1st of December, 2011. There’s some great new features in this release with the addition of extra alignment algorithms, Muscle and T-coffee, to the Multiple Sequence Alignment analysis interface, as well as many interface enhancements and performance improvements. However, the most important new feature in […]

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MacVector and upgrading to Lion.

The latest version of OS X, Lion, has been out for a few weeks and it’s a great operating system. MacVector 12 has been tested and although not yet officially supported, it works great.. Nonetheless even though we’ve not yet come across any issues we are committed to fixing bugs. So if you are running […]

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ANOTHER NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER: Buy or upgrade MacVector and receive Assembler for free…..

Quite a few users have asked why we are only having an offer to upgrade old network licenses rather than any licenses. We do not want to upset people and so we’re allowing anybody who upgrades a standard license in November to receive a free copy of Assembler when they do so. We’re also being […]

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AUTUMN SPECIAL OFFER: upgrade your old single network license to 2 standard licenses

Upgrade your old single seat network MacVector license for two standard licenses at the price of a single standard upgrade. A huge savings of more than 50% off the regular price of a network upgrade –plus we will throw in an extra license! If you have an old two-seat network license, we’ll upgrade it to […]

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