MacVector for Windows

PBr322 Multiple WIndows

It’s been one of the most popular customer requests for a long time. It’s not yet ready for release, but MacVector for Windows is very definitely on its way.


Spot the difference!

PBR322 nucl Map

MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. It is a fully native version of MacVector but on Windows. MacVector is designed for, and fully integrates with, the OS X environment. We know users really appreciate that. If you can use a Mac, you can analyze your sequences with MacVector! So we wanted MacVector for Windows to be the same. Easy to use for anybody familiar with Windows. As such it is a longer development cycle. However, the results will be worth the wait.

Even though it’s a Windows application MacVector for Windows will still be familiar to anybody who’s used it on the Mac. All the usual features and tools are there.

The official release will be during 2015. Nonetheless, there will be a free version available for download well before the final release.

If you want to be kept updated about MacVector for Windows then either follow us on Twitter or Facebook or email Support and ask us.

Thanks for being patient!


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