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MacVector for Windows

It’s been one of the most popular customer requests for a long time. It’s not yet ready for release, but MacVector for Windows is very definitely on its way. Spot the difference! MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. It is a fully native version of MacVector but on Windows. MacVector is […]

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MacVector 13.0.1 released.

We’ve just released a minor update, MacVector 13.0.1. This release has a few minor bug fixes that have been reported in the past month. However, this release also sees the introduction of online updating via Sparkle. This allows you to update your copy of MacVector in place. Once a day MacVector will check our website […]

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MacVector and Applescript

Up to MacVector 13 MacVector has had limited Applescript support. The current release (12.7.5) is able to open sequences, print them and that’s about it! We’ve had frequent requests for MacVector to batch process files. So with the new release (coming very soon) you can batch process files. No analysis can be undertaken just yet […]

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MacVector 12.7 preview release

Our next release is MacVector 12.7 and it will be out very soon. However, if don’t want to wait then you can download a preview before the real release in November. MacVector 12.7 has a new Cloning Clipboard tool that dramatically simplifies the creation of new DNA constructs. The new functionality not only lets you […]

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MacVector 12.7: Subcloning using the Cloning Clipboard

Cloning on MacVector has always been an easy procedure. Every digestion places a fragment on the cloning clipboard which then allows you to ligate that fragment into a vector. However, up to now it’s been limited to a single fragment. With MacVector 12.7 this limitation has now gone with the new Cloning Clipboard. The Cloning […]

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Multisite Gateway cloning using the Cloning Clipboard

With the introduction of the Cloning Clipboard in MacVector 12.7 both single step and Multisite Gateway cloning can be easily designed, replicated and documented. The Cloning Clipboard allows you to assemble fragments by dragging compatible ends of digested fragments together to form new fragments. Every digest operation in a sequence window will place a fragment […]

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MacVector 12.6: Coming soon..

Our upcoming release, MacVector 12.6, has just entered beta testing. As usual we’ve added a mixture of new features as well as improvements to existing tools. One tool that we are excited about is a realtime primer design tool. This allows you to manipulate your primer and see secondary structure and other useful oligo statistics […]

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MacVector 12.5: Interface improvements and redesign

This is part of a series of posts about the shortly to be released MacVector 12.5. With each release of MacVector as well as adding new features we continually redesign and rewrite many existing parts of MacVector. This is done for a number of reasons. For example: to accommodate changes in OS X, where generally […]

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Growl and MacVector

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be highlighting some of the new features that are being added to MacVector 11.1. The first of these is support for a great notification system that we all use at MacVector. Some analyses with MacVector will take seconds and as such are done in the foreground. However, […]

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Mac OS X updates and MacVector

One of the great things about OS X is that updates are really painless to install! Actually come to mention it upgrading the OS between major versions is usually trouble free too! For minor in version updates System Update will easily download and update the OS, leaving you the user to just reboot. So really […]

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