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MacVector, Apple Silicon and macOS Big Sur compatibility

UPDATE – March 8, 2021 – MacVector 18.1 is now released and can be downloaded. Over twenty years ago Apple called an end to the Classic Mac with the release of OS X, followed five years later by the transition from PowerPC to Intel. A major step forward in the Macintosh world. Earlier this year […]

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MacVector and future releases of macOS

The next OS release for the Mac will arrive later this year. MacOS Mojave is a significant OS upgrade and includes a lot of new features, especially when compared with the differences between OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra. Our developers have been hard at work ensuring that when macOS Mojave […]

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MacVector’s compatibility with different versions of macOS/OS X

We strive to ensure MacVector has good forwards and backwards compatibility. For example, MacVector 15.1 will still open files created with the very first version of MacVector! However, since Apple releases a new operating system every year, and generally make fairly significant “under the hood” changes, it is just not possible to support every version […]

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MacVector for Windows update: Using the Cloning Clipboard.

Macvector for Windows is getting closer. Here’s a short screencast on using the Cloning Clipboard:  

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MacVector for Windows

It’s been one of the most popular customer requests for a long time. It’s not yet ready for release, but MacVector for Windows is very definitely on its way. Spot the difference! MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. It is a fully native version of MacVector but on Windows. MacVector is […]

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MacVector 13.0.1 released.

We’ve just released a minor update, MacVector 13.0.1. This release has a few minor bug fixes that have been reported in the past month. However, this release also sees the introduction of online updating via Sparkle. This allows you to update your copy of MacVector in place. Once a day MacVector will check our website […]

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MacVector and Applescript

Up to MacVector 13 MacVector has had limited Applescript support. The current release (12.7.5) is able to open sequences, print them and that’s about it! We’ve had frequent requests for MacVector to batch process files. So with the new release (coming very soon) you can batch process files. No analysis can be undertaken just yet […]

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MacVector 12.7 preview release

Our next release is MacVector 12.7 and it will be out very soon. However, if don’t want to wait then you can download a preview before the real release in November. MacVector 12.7 has a new Cloning Clipboard tool that dramatically simplifies the creation of new DNA constructs. The new functionality not only lets you […]

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Subcloning using the Cloning Clipboard

Cloning on MacVector has always been an easy procedure. Every digestion places a fragment on the cloning clipboard which then allows you to ligate that fragment into a vector. However, this limitation has now gone with the Cloning Clipboard. The Cloning Clipboard allows you to store a history containing fragments from previous digestions. Not only […]

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Multisite Gateway cloning using the Cloning Clipboard

With the introduction of the Cloning Clipboard in MacVector 12.7 both single step and Multisite Gateway cloning can be easily designed, replicated and documented. The Cloning Clipboard allows you to assemble fragments by dragging compatible ends of digested fragments together to form new fragments. Every digest operation in a sequence window will place a fragment […]

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