Creating a custom set of restriction enzymes containing just the enzymes in your freezer drawer.

MacVector has multiple tools for displaying restriction enzymes sites in your sequence. All of these tools use Restriction Enzyme files. These are a set of files, updated regularly from the REBASE database, grouped according to reagent supplier. Whereas the default file is “Common Enzymes” if you only purchase enzymes from NEB, then you can choose the NewEnglandBiolabs.renz file each analysis.

It is very easy to create a custom set of enzymes. If you stock a regular set of enzymes in your lab’s freezer then you can easily create your own restriction enzyme file with just your freezer drawer’s contents! When you open a sequence and see a site you know you have that enzyme available without having to order it.

How to create your own custom RE file

  • create a new empty file; FILE > NEW > RESTRICTION ENZYME.
  • Save your new file in a safe location.
  • Open the Commercial Restriction Enzymes.renz file (this contains all enzymes).
  • Now drag and drop sites from this file to your new one.
  • To search, type the enzyme name in the top right control (change the filter to NAME).
  • Once you have finished don’t forget to save it.
  • Click PREFS in the toolbar, switch to the MAP View tab and click SET ENZYME FILE.
  • Select your newly created file and click CHOOSE.
  • NewImage

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