Copying subsequences from larger sequences.

Sometimes when working on a small subsequence of a much larger sequence it is easier to take that section and make a new file. It is also generally useful in such circumstances to preserve the original numbering. For example if you want to analyse a single gene, but still keep the numbering in the context […]

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Lunch in honor of Pei-Li Li’s visit to Raleigh

It was nice to meet Pei-Li Li, our Asian/Pacific Representative finally!  We had  lunch in exciting downtown Raleigh, even showed him the big acorn!  Guess which person was really not there. Tweet

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My first child shall be called MacVector

Check out this blog post! We’d love to meet the Genomic Repairman and thank him for his glowing testimonial. I would also add that PC users won’t be SOL for long. MacVector4Windows is in the pipeline. Tweet

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Aligning primers against a template sequence

A common request, especially in our recent survey, is to align existing primer sequences against a template sequence. There are many ways to do this in MacVector, depending on what your requirements are Using the Find dialog For quickly finding a single primer in a sequence the Find dialog is the first point of call. […]

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