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The MacVector Team are at the ASM2017 in New Orleans (2-5 June).

We’re at ASM Microbe 2017 in New Orleans from Friday until Sunday (2-5 June). The exhibit hall hours are a more respectable 11:30 or 12 until 18:00 now (last year was a quite early 7:30 until the afternoon). We’re on booth #2247. Please do drop by. We’ll be showing our latest release, MacVector 15.5 and […]

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Keep Blast running on MacVector 12.7.5 and earlier versions.

If you are running MacVector 12.7.5 or earlier Blast will stop working for you from the end of this month. The fix for this is below. MacVector makes it easy to run a Blast search from your Desktop, and retrieve the hits directly back into MacVector. MacVector does this by submitting these Blast searches directly […]

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Free teaching licenses!

It’s that time of year when summer is coming to a close and you need to get ready for teaching again! However, to make you feel a little better, did you know that you can get FREE licenses for teaching purposes? MacVector makes a great teaching tool and we offer free teaching licenses for anyone […]

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Online updating with Sparkle

Having to update software is an annoying, but essential, part of modern computing life! All software has bugs that need fixing and good software should add new features as well. We try with MacVector to do both, But that means that from time to time you will need to download and install a new version. […]

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Season’s greetings from the MacVector team

There is no time more fitting to say “Thank You” and to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year full of health, happiness, and great results from your research. Make sure you put down that pipette and relax , and if you’ve not updated to MacVector 12.7, make sure you take time […]

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MacVector 12.6 and Mountain Lion

The eagerly awaited Mountain Lion was released last week in the App Store. We’ve conducted initial testing with MacVector 12.6 on Mountain Lion. Our testing has found only a single fairly minor issue concerned with installation. So far there are no issues with any day to day functionality. The downloadable disk image does not automatically […]

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Importing features from a Genome Browser

(updated March 21, 2018) MacVector’s Import Features tool allows you to import annotation from many Genome Browsers (e.g. Ensemble, UCSC, etc). MacVector can annotate an empty or annotated sequence. BED, GFF, GTF, and GFF3 formats GFF, GTF, GFF3 & BED files are all file formats that are used to store annotation (features) generally without containing any […]

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ASM2012: San Francisco

We’ll be at the 112th ASM meeting in San Francisco this year from June 16 – 19, 2012. Come visit us if you are at the show. Our booth at the ASM will be 936. We’ll be demoing MacVector 12.6 which will be released about that date. You’ll also be able to pick up demo […]

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Running old versions of MacVector on Lion.

Only MacVector 9.5 and later versions will run on OS X 7 Lion. Apple started transitioning their processor architecture from PowerPC (PPC) to Intel’s x86 in 2006. The Macbook Pro and the iMac being the first Intel Macs. When they did so they gave Xcode (the OSX development environment) the ability to create Universal Binary […]

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…back to work!

Getting back to the lab after the end of the year break is always a shock! You’ve might have been popping into the lab over the vacation to maintain your experiments, but now you need to get those experiments moving again and start getting the results in. So after you’ve chatted about the holidays with […]

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